About Us

I'm Louis Williams. Long ago around the 1980s, a friend of mine was studying civil engineering and we began discussing how water infrastructure in most American cities have old systems. The pipes were laid in early in the century and were made of lead. We knew back then that lead was dangerous to ingest at any level.

I started to buy 5-gallon bottles of filtered water but it did not take me long before I realized that I was still taking a risk by purchasing filtered water. I learned most filters failed to clean water efficiently. It made me feel safe that I could make distilled water and monitor that process to ensure it was safe to drink.

Also, I believe having the convenience of not lugging around large gallon water bottles was great! My niece, Anura, and I saw this was another concept that would aid the folks in Flint to have a little more control over their lives. We want people to know that we are still watching and we care. We have not forgotten about Flint.

Keep goin' Flint,
Louis and Anura

Our work in Flint:

Flint resident with new water distiller Volunteer with Flint resident and distiller Water Crisis Project volunteers setting up a distiller Volunteers with a Flint resident Very large stack of water bottles  Flint resident and Volunteer Picture of the water distiller that Water Crisis Project provides Two Flint resident with Volunteer